For EMERGENCY call: 911

For NON-EMERGENCY information: call 204 734-4403 or stop by at 700 1st St N

Twitter: @SwanRiverFire

SRFD provides service for fire suppression, vehicle extrication, specialized rescue, fire inspection and public education.

We are members of the Swan Valley Mutual Aid District which is a group of local departments that support each other in time of emergency.

The SRFD is composed of a full time Fire Chief and a current 22 Fire Fighters. Our team of firefighters is proud to serve our community. This service cannot be given without the support of the:

  • Fire Fighters’ families.
  • Town of Swan River which supports us by providing equipment, funding and training.
  • Employers who allow the firefighters to leave their jobs without early notice.
  • Local media who assist us in promoting our causes.
  • Community as a whole for their support of the fire department by being diligent in their efforts to maintain a fire free and safe environment in their homes and in their places of work.

Emergency Response coverage is provided 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. The team’s effort is supported by the following responding equipment:

Pumper 2: 2010 Spartan Metro Star

  • Water capacity of: 3600L
  • Pump capacity of: 6750L/m
  • Foam capacity of: 90L
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Portable Pump for remote water access
  • Vehicle extrication heavy blocking
  • Scene lighting equipment

Pumper 1: 1995 Pierce Sabre

  • Water capacity of: 4500L
  • Pump capacity of: 5760L/m
  • Foam capacity of: 90L
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Vehicle extrication equipment
  • Portable Pump for remote water access
  • Traffic Management equipped

Rescue 1: 2014 Crew Cab F550

  • Mobile Scene Lighting Equipment
  • Vehicle Extrication Equipment
  • Rope Rescue Equipment
  • Water and Ice Rescue Equipment
  • Communications Centre

Utility 1:

  • Manpower and Logistics

Rescue Trailer:

  • Water 1 Rescue Boat 30hp motor
  • Water Rescue Equipment
  • Ground Search and Rescue Equipment


  • Rescue Boggan – off road rescue
  • Polaris IQ LXT Snow Sled

Fire Suppression

How do we extinguish a fire? For most fires, water is our primary resource for extinguishments. It is necessary in many circumstances to make use of a secondary agent mixed with water (called Foam) to aid Fire Fighters in battling a fire. There are various types of foams available. For the most part they act as a smothering agent to inhibit the rekindling of a fire.

Why do we cut holes in roofs and walls? As a fire burns, it moves upward, then outward. Removing windows and cutting holes in the roof (ventilation) stops that damaging outward movement of superheated smoke, enables us to locate potential victims, and fight the fire more efficiently. This also results in less overall damage and reduces the risk of explosion and serious injury to fire fighters. Holes in walls are to be absolutely sure there is no “hidden” fire inside the walls, ceilings and partitions.

There seems to be a lot of Fire Fighters at a small fire. Why? Small fires turn into big fires. Fire suppression is one of the most strenuous, and dangerous activities performed by our members. Fire Fighters working on active fire grounds have enormous demands placed on their bodies. Because of this extremely high loss of energy in such a short time, it is vital to have a constant supply of “Fresh” Fire Fighters. They need to be available to take the place of exhausted Fire Fighters.

Vehicle Extrication

SRFD provides vehicle extrication service to assist EMS at motor vehicle collisions. We are staffed with Vehicle Extrication trained Fire Fighters and respond with a variety of cutting, spreading and associated tools and equipment used in freeing entrapped individuals. Our goal is to access patients as safely and efficiently as possible.


SRFD has equipment and technical training to provide rescue services in a wide variety of emergency situations including, water and ice rescue, rope rescue, ground search and rescue, and provide assistance to EMS and Police in off road accident rescue.

Fire Fighter Recruitment