Needles & Sharps

The presence of needles, drug paraphernalia and other sharps are an undeniable fact in our community. Reuse of needles is a large cause of transfer of communicable diseases such as HIV aids and Hepatitis A and B.
The Town of Swan River is proactive in this area in trying to protect it's citizens from exposure and supports government initiatives to help reduce the spread of HIV and other diseases. Sharps collection boxes are being installed in various locations.

The following information links are provided for citizens to become aware and protect themselves.
Inform Yourself
Proper Handling of Sharps
Sharps Drop Box Locations
                  The Town of Swan River has installed needle drop boxes at 4 locations. 
                      - Men's and Ladies Washrooms at the Jack Brown Field in the Legion Park
                      - Men's and Ladies washrooms at the Northwest Legion Park entrance
in 2018 2 more will be installed in the washrooms at the Rotary soccer fields.
These drop boxes can also be utilized by Diabetics using multiple needle devices every day.
                    Help Protect Garbage workers

                    Needle Stick Injuries - Health facility