06/2024 - Responsible Pet Ownership

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Description automatically generatedResponsible Pet Ownership Bylaw  First Reading

Council has passed First Reading of the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. This new version proposes several changes to our current Animal Control Bylaw.

Major Proposed Changes:

  • Section 13 - License Changes:
    • Cats will be required to be licensed on an annual basis (like dogs). This will be to assist enforcement and help mitigate cat propagation.
    • Repeal of license exemption for dogs/cats younger than four months. All dogs/cats/puppies/kittens must be licensed.
  • Section 15 – Sterilization and Population Control
    • Dogs are to be sterilized unless exemption is granted.
    • Un-sterilized dogs/cats will be subject to an unsterilized fee in addition to their yearly license as set in the Town of Swan River’s Fee Schedule.
  • Section 17 - The maximum number of animals per property will be adjusted to 2 dogs and 2 cats, regardless of the number of tenants inhabiting a property. 
  • Section 6(e) - All animals impounded will be sterilized and the cost added to the amount owing to redeem the animal. This will help mitigate cat propagation.
  • Section 8 - Any animal impounded 3 or more times in a 12-month period while owned by the same owner, will be sold, disposed of to a new owner, or be destroyed regardless of its licensing status. 
  • Section 9(b) – Clarification for noise offense; now reads: “[…]unduly disrupt the quiet of any individual…]”.
  • Section 21(4) - Reinstating hearing process for aggressor/dangerous animals ordered for Euthanasia.
  • Section 30 - Animal traps will be available for rental with payment of a fee and signed rental agreement. A fine will be issued for violating the agreement. 
  • Schedule C –  Fines
    • There will be an increase in fine amounts for repeat offenders.
    • All offenses in bylaw now have a fine amount listed.

To view the first reading, please click the below link: