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Animal Control


The below information is a summary, for a full overview of the Bylaws in affect please refer to the Animal Control Bylaw. Should a discrepancy arise between this document and the Bylaw, the Bylaw will prevail. If you have any questions in regard to this bylaw, please contact the Animal Control Officer at 204-734-4586 ext. 215. The full Bylaw can be found by clicking this link

General Information

It is the responsibility of the Town of Swan River to ensure that pet owners maintain a level of safety, health, and protection for animals under their care. 

Town of Swan River 

439 Main St Swan River, MB


Monday to Friday 8:30-4:30

Animal Control Questions & Complaints


Phone: 204-734-4586 ext. 215




Animal Licensing

The owner of every dog shall obtain and renew annually a license to keep the animal. The license shall require the payment of the annual fee set out in the Fee Schedule. Before a license is issued or renewed, a current rabies vaccination certificate must be presented, except for animals under six (6) months of age. It is an offense to own, keep, harbour, or have possession of any dog or cat for which a valid license has not been issued.

a) Licenses are due and payable on the 1st of January in each year and shall expire on the 31st of December in the year in which the license fee was levied and paid. 

b) A collar with a proper license must be secured around the neck of the animal for which the license is for. It is an offense to remove the collar or tag from any animal without a lawful excuse, and such removal shall constitute an offense under the Animal Control Bylaw. 

c) Any animal declared a dangerous animal must additionally pay the Dangerous Animal Fee.

d) Registered service dogs are issued annual tags at no charge with proof of registration. 

e) If ownership of a licensed cat or dog changes during a year, the new owner shall have the current license transferred to their name upon payment of the transfer fee prescribed by the Fee Schedule

f) Licensing does not apply to animals who are visiting the municipality for no more than 104 days per year. 

To license or renew license for an Animal:

1. Come to the Town of Swan River Main Office at 439 Main St Swan River, MB to pay for your license. 

2. You will then receive an engraved dog license tag which is to be securely attached to a collar and fastened to the neck of the licensed dog. 

Our current fee schedule can be found here

Responsibilities of Pet Owners

a)    No owner shall own, harbour, keep or have in their possession or control or on their premises, more than three (3) dogs and three (3) cats over the ages of three (3) months, regardless of the number of people residing at the premises, unless such person holds a kennel permit or foster license. Kennel permits can be applied for and must be approved by council. 

b)    Animals are not to run at large (except in designated areas).

c)    Animals may not unduly disrupt the quiet of any individual whether by barking, howling, yowling, or in any other way for more than fifteen (15) minutes within any hour.

d)    Animals cannot defecate on any public or private property besides that of the owner. Where defecation does occur, the owner must promptly remove it. 

e)    Animals may not be allowed to defecate on the owner’s property to the extent which constitutes an environmental or health hazard or a nuisance to neighbours. 

f)    Animals may not damage public or private property other than that of the owner. If damage does occur, the owner may be held responsible. 

g)    Animals may not pursue, bite, wound or show the propensity for violence to injure any person or animal whether on or off the owner’s property. 

h)    Animals are not permitted to dig in flower beds or garbage containers to trespass on private property or in any other way unduly disturb the quiet of any person or persons anywhere in the municipality. 

i)    Animals are not to be transported in the back of any open vehicle unless they are kenneled or leashed as stated in the Animal Care Act. 

j)    Owners are not permitted to own, keep, harbour or have possession of control of any animal that is determined to be a dangerous animal. 

k)    Animals that are a restricted animal or a wild animal may not be owned within the Town of Swan River. 

Dog Owner Responsibilities

a)    All dogs require an annual license. A current rabies vaccine certificate will be necessary to acquire the license.

b)    All dogs are to have a collar secured to their neck with a proper license tag that identifies a valid license in respect to that animal. 

c)    Dogs should be kept on leashes that are no more than six (6) feet in length when fully extended while on public property, unless in specifically designated areas.

d)    Commercial guard dogs are to be securely confined within an enclosure or private land with sufficient signage stating “Beware of Dog” or similar wording.  

e)    An owner of a service dog shall be granted a license at no charge. 

Rabies Vaccine

The Animal Control Officer may request that an owner provide proof that the owners domestic animal has a current rabies vaccination status. If proof is not provided the animal may be apprehended and impounded, unless a statement from a certified veterinarian stating the animal cannot be vaccinated is provided. 

All animals suspected of suffering from rabies shall be dealt with in accordance with the regulations under the Public Health Act and shall be quarantined and confined separate and apart from other domestic pets unless otherwise approved by Manitoba Health. 

Restricted Animals

No person shall keep, harbour, possess or control any restricted animal including poultry, livestock, and/or bees within the municipality unless on a premise of a recognized industry in the handling of livestock, on the Agricultural Society fair Grounds and in conjunction with a fair, rodeo, circus, petting zoo, or exhibition for no more than six (6) days without approval from the municipality, on public property during a temporary event approved by the municipality (e.g. Parade), or on a road allowance for the purpose of riding an animal or animal-drawn vehicle as permitted by the Highway Traffic Act. Restricted animals within the Town of Swan River include, but are not limited to, 

a)    primates (other than human beings); 

b)    crocodylia; 

c)    any constrictor snake, venomous snake or venomous reptile;

d)    any venomous amphibian or arachnid

e)    any wild animal or wildlife as defined in The Wildlife Act;

f)    livestock, being cattle, horses, mules, donkeys, sheep, goats or swine

g)    poultry and foul, being chicken, turkey, duck, goose, pigeons, or other domestic fowl

h)    all the family Camilidae (including llamas and alpacas)

i)    all cervids

j)    specialty fowl (including guinea fowls)

k)    bees

l)    any member of the order Carnivora excepts dogs, cats and domestic ferrets, but including all hybrids of dogs and cats

Impounded Animals

Impounded animals will be kept for three (3) working days, unless redeemed soon, which shall include the day of impoundment but will exclude Sundays and statutory holidays during which the pound is closed to the public. The owner will need to pay all damages, fees, charges, expenses and penalties imposed prior to redeeming their animal. Animals that are deemed to be restricted animals, suspected of suffering from rabies, is an aggressor animal under quarantine, a dangerous Animal, or if by redeeming would put the owner of the maximum allowable limit may not be redeemed. 

 If the impounded animal is not redeemed in the minimum timeframe set, it will be the duty of the Pound Keeper to sell or otherwise dispose of the impounded animal or cause the impounded animal to be humanely euthanized.  

Any animal that is impound three (3) or more times within a 12-month period while owned by the same owner must be sold or disposed of to a new owner regardless of whether the animal is properly licensed. 

To redeem an animal:

1.    Pay your bill at the Town of Swan River Office (office hours Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30; 439 Main St.)

2.    You must pay all fines, impoundment fees, or any outstanding fees to redeem your animal

3.    Pick up your animal at the Swan Valley Veterinary Clinic

Call 204-734-4586 if you have any questions on how to redeem an impounded animal. 

The current fee schedule can be found here